How To Compose An Essay About The Freedom Of Speech- Professional Tips

When you are writing any essay and when you are writing an essay on the Freedom of Speech, you will want to follow a similar pattern. Essay writing is a very concise and strategic process. You can be very successful at it if you follow some proper procedures. Here are some professional tips on how to successful complete an essay on your topic.

  1. Choose a topic
  2. You already have the general topic of freedom of speech. However, you have to narrow it down a bit before you start writing. When you have a very general topic, it can make your job of writing an essay very hard. Do some preliminary research and come up with a topic that is a little bit narrower. For example, write about how the Freedom of Speech effects song writers.

  3. Create a thesis
  4. Your thesis is the point that you are trying to make. You would tell your audience that song writers are effected greatly by the Freedom of Speech and then list three main reasons why. These reasons will represent the content for the body of your essay.

  5. Build an outline
  6. Building an outline is a great way to make sure that you stay on track. It allows you to be able to concentrate your attention to proving your point. You will emphasize your main points and should use complete sentences to save yourself time later on.

  7. Add transitional phrases
  8. Transitions are words or phrases that bridge the ideas and paragraphs together. You can use simple transitions like “the first reason why”, “the second reason why”, and so on. You can also get a little more complex and show a way that the first idea relates to the second. Ex: Even though it is important for song writers to be able to say what they want, it is even more important that it made people respect what they said.

  9. Create a rough draft
  10. Now you just need to work on adding to your paper. Complete your introduction and finish explaining your reasons. Once this step is done, you will only need to do some editing and you are done.

These are five easy and effective steps that will show you how to compose an essay on your topic. It should help you get this assignment done with no issues.


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