Writing An Informative Essay: 10 Topic Ideas You Wouldn’t Think Of

The key to success with an informative essay is to tell your readers something that they did not know before, and that they would be interested to know. So, before sending "I want to pay someone to write my essay" request, here are ten fresh topic ideas.

  1. How to survive a nuclear explosion.
  2. Although it sounds fantastic, a human actually can survive a nuclear explosion under certain conditions (not necessarily being in a deep bunker). The information on how it is possible is easy to find on the Web, so you can craft a striking essay without much effort.

  3. How to earn money in an online game.
  4. Not many people know that you can make good money by being very good at a particular MMORPG. Google the stories of successful gamers, and summarize their experience.

  5. How to launch a successful e-commerce website.
  6. This topic is especially good if you – or a close one who is ready to share experience with you – have actual experience of launching such a website.

  7. How to get your web page higher in online searches.
  8. How to trade in the stock market.
  9. How to create handmade dolls.
  10. We have all seen beautiful handmade dolls, but few people know how they are made. Collect information, and present it your readers. Instead of dolls, you may choose to write about handmade accessories, bags, or hats – anything that you are passionate about (or perhaps even can make with your own hands).

  11. How to protect your security online.
  12. There are lots of myths on how to keep your data safe on the Web. Try to find out which ways actually work and which not. The information you discover might only provide for an interesting essay but also be useful for yourself.

  13. How to stay anonymous on the Web.
  14. Similarly to the previous one, this topic is totally mythologized, not overly difficult to explore, and able to provide you with actually useful knowledge.

  15. How to respond to online trolling.
  16. Online trolling is a thing that many have faced, and often felt overwhelmed or confused of how to react. Your readers would probably be grateful for your essay informing on how to deal with trolls.

  17. How to multitask efficiently.
  18. Multitasking is a fashionable trend, but not everyone can easily master it. If you are one of those rare individuals who have a natural ability for doing two or more things at once, tell your audience how you do it so they can learn as well.


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