A Great List Of Classification Essay Topics For College Students

Classification essays require a writer to break down a group into its various subgroups and explain the traits that apply to each one. For some topics this will be straightforward and not even require much research or analysis. For others the reverse is true and the process becomes arduous if you are ill prepared.

Well written essays come not just from the most complex of topics but from the work of good writers who address their topics with care. In any case, a good topic goes a long way to help in making an essay exceptional so here is a good list you can choose from to create a great classification essay:

  1. The different methods of coming out of the closet to a conservative family member
  2. Frequently used Products that are derived directly from the petroleum industry
  3. The evolution of the video game industry: A brief study of the various genres
  4. From Ballet to Tribal Fusion: A look at various styles of dance
  5. Breeders Manual: The subtle changes that led from wolf to Pomeranian
  6. Saving and Investment: The many alternate uses for cash not already allocated
  7. Feelings: The different emotional states and the physiological changes that accompany them
  8. Solar Powered Planet: How the different sources of energy on our planet can be trace ultimately traced back to the sun
  9. The similarities and differences between the world’s most popular sports
  10. Study Habits: The most effective means of retaining information for examination purposes
  11. Pouches: The characteristics of some of the various types of Marsupials
  12. Various types of volcanoes currently in existence
  13. Describing the different stages of grief as outlined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross
  14. The human powered alternatives to cars and other gas powered vehicles
  15. Profiles of the world’s most magnificent birds of prey
  16. The martial arts that evolved from tai chi

Almost anything that has more than one version of itself can be used to create a classification essay. As can be seen from the list above, some topics will be more academic while some are intended to be a bit tongue in cheek. You should always remember your intended reader when selecting your topic because some educators will appreciate your wit while others will use it as an excuse to fail you. Bear this in mind and choose with common sense.


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