Writing A Strong 3-Paragraph Essay On Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Jr was a pioneer in the fight for civil rights in the United States during the 1960s. He is studied closely by students in middle school, high school, and often in college history courses, too. Writing about someone like Martin Luther King, Jr is the best way to learn about a historical figure, even if you are given the opportunity to write a short, three-paragraph essay. The challenge comes with deciding what to include and what to exclude in a short essay.

Follow the Rules of Writing

When you write a three-paragraph essay, you should still follow the rules you know about paper writing. The first paragraph should include the introductory elements. You will need a good hook, but since the essay is so short, you can make your hook informational by including background information about MLK, Jr or by using a strong quote from him. Then, explain the hook and move into the thesis statement.

Use Specific Language

The middle paragraph should be the most informational. Even though you are writing a short paper, you can write a long paragraph with plenty of information that will back up your thesis. You do not want to write a paper that you could read on an online encyclopedia. It is best to use that information to support an opinion that you have about the historical figure. Like always, you should include in-text citations for the sources you used. Since you are only writing three paragraphs, you should be sure to use specific words so you can be concise rather than wordy. Your middle paragraph should also include a topic sentence that reflects back on the thesis so that your reader continues to know what you are trying to prove.

Prove Your Point

Your last paragraph will not be as long as the middle paragraph because it is the conclusion. This is where you will finalize the point of the essay and fully explain your point. The conclusion should usually restate the main points, but since you have just given those points, you can analyze the points and create an ending that will get your reader thinking about the topic. You can restate some of the keywords so the reader knows immediately what you are referring to in the last paragraphs, but you do not want to write the conclusion like you would in a longer paper because it will be too redundant.


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