Writing An Interesting Cause And Effect Essay About Nutrition For Kids

Cause and effect essays as the name suggests provide information on the reasons why a certain event occurs. Cause and effect essays provide solution to a lot of questions of which either we have low or no knowledge. Child nutrition has always been a concern for parents because they do realize that their children nutrition influences their overall growth and development which can shape their future. To write an interesting cause and effect essay about nutrition for kids the writer must cover all the bases so that there is no question left in minds of parents.

Figuring nutrition issues and questions of malnutrition:

The writer must do his ground work in terms of finding out the most common nutrition deficiency and the misconceptions on how to handle it. Nutrition deficiency could be due to multiple reasons such as excessive physical activity, irregular food intake or wrong composition of food preparation. A knowledgeable writer can only write a cause and effect essay on nutrition or malnutrition for kids.

Giving solutions:

Apart from writing the causes and the effects of nutrition or malnutrition in kids the author must focus on proving the solution in case of excessive food intake which might cause obesity or low food intake/wrong food intake which might cause malnutrition or weakness. Giving solutions to the problem would make the reader majorly parents to take correct steps toward their child health care.

Challenging the common practice for nutrition fulfillment

There are a lot of misnomers when it comes to nutrition. A topic which challenges the general practice of parents might lead to more reader but it would surely act as an eye opener for parents. The author must make sure it does not hurt any tradition or culture but at the same time ensure that the parent or the reader understands the cause and solution for a problem.

Using catchy title for the essay:

Using catchy title for the essay attracts a lot of readers. It is simply playing with words to spread the message across.

Few cause and effect essay about nutrition in kids can be:

  1. Being vegan is not the best thing for nutrition.
  2. Know you otmeal before you serve.
  3. Don’t eat 3 times a day eat 6 times instead.
  4. Lazy child or Lazy parents.
  5. Not all obese children have baby fat.
  6. Fruits are not the only answer.
  7. How long do you cook for your child?


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