Ideas That Govern My Life

Many people have specific ideas that govern their life. They may have developed them out of experiences, reading books, spending time with mentors and spiritual leaders, or even from the family members. Some people may religiously follow the ideas while others will refer to them only once in a while. Other people will keep changing the ideas depending on what they are going through in life. As it is asserted in the essay, the ‘ideas that govern my life’ can either yield good or bad results.

Development of Ideas and the Varied Results

Certainly, when people spend their time with the wrong crowd, they will get wrong ideas about success in life. For instance, some people’s idea of success is acquiring wealth using every means possible. This could imply stealing, drug trafficking or lying. Being governed by such an idea may lead people into misery. On the other hand, a person who has an idea that they can achieve anything in life through hard work, persistence, consistency and passion may lead a happy life in the future.

Additionally, based on experiences, people may get different ideas that will further govern their life. People who have been through painful experiences will be governed by different ideas compared to those who have not been through the same path. The family, culture and religion shape people’s experiences and views about life. Some ideas will be limiting while others are liberal. Still, some people will change their ideas about life depending on how the circumstances change. After years of education or after being take through counseling, it is possible for people to decide to make amends.

Different Interpretation of Ideas

In another perspective, some quotes have been to remind people of where they are going and what they ought to do in various situations. One of them is- I will live one day at a time. The same quotation can be used to achieve different results in life. One person may get the idea that they do not need to worry too much about life. On the other hand, another individual will interpret the quotation to mean that they do need to plan and invest. Thus, using the same quote, one person will lead a happy and a fulfilled life while the other one will have a chaotic future. Clearly, depending on the experiences, value and how people interpret things, people will have different ideas that govern their life and will achieve varied results.


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