Top 10 Free Ideas For Your Next Essay On Education

Coming up with essay topics can be challenging for some people. The best topics are generally those that are original and interest you, in this way your writing will across as enthusiastic. Here are a few free topic ideas for your next essay on education:

  1. Should boys and girls attend different schools or sit in different classrooms? Will this be less of a distraction for either gender? What are the benefits or problems that may arise because of this?
  2. Should it become mandatory for students to learn a foreign language at an early age? What are the benefits at such an early age? What languages, more than others, are likely to lead to professional success?
  3. Should high schools allow students to take only courses that interest them? Core requirements set aside, would school grades and interest be higher if students could choose the courses they wanted to take rather than assigning them to ones?
  4. What are the most boring and most fun subjects to study at university? Are college math, biology, and chemistry courses any fun? What are the most boring courses? History? Philosophy? Or are there others that fit the bill?
  5. Should public schools make uniforms mandatory for the mutual benefit of both parties involved? What do educational institutions believe will happen if they mandate school uniforms? Are grades expected to go up? Will bullying go down?
  6. Do grades encourage students to do better in school or are they an archaic form of progress tracking? Are students motivated to get A’s when they know that B’s will suffice? Would a thorough written evaluation be a better way of tracking students’ progress?
  7. Should instructors be paid according to how well their students do in class? If students perform poorly in the classroom and score low on standardized tests, then should teachers have to accept a pay cut based on their performance as educators?
  8. Should universities give the same amount to libraries as they do to their sports programs? What are the benefits of providing more financial support to one or the other?
  9. Is there anything of value that young people can teach older generations? Technology, popular culture, modern art – what things can young people teach older people while still bringing value to the table?
  10. Are exams and quizzes helpful in improving learning at schools? Can test results lead to motivation or discouragement of students who do well or struggle?


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