Narrative Essay Writing Prompts: Suggestions For Middle School Students

A narrative essay is the type of paper in which the writer has to explain his personal experiences and write from his own perspective. This type of paper is more like a story where you have to take your readers along and explain them each thing in detail. You should use strong verbs and adjectives to describe the event or the place as it happened. It is normal for students to use first person while writing a narrative essay because they have to describe their personal experiences. Even though most of academic assignments avoid the use of first person, this one requires you to do so

If you are in middle school and have to create a strong narrative essay, then you should consider talking about something you are familiar with. The topic must be something you have clear in mind and that you can describe to your readers. It could be a person, idea, event, a good or bad deed or a memorable place. The point of narration is that you have to explain each detail to your readers and make logical sense in your assignment. The structure of this paper stays the same like any other traditional essay. In the introduction, you give an overview of the event you will talk about or start in an engaging manner. The body of your paper explains the subject in detail along with concrete examples and supporting evidence. The conclusion is where you summarize whatever you have discussed so far to your readers in a precise and clear manner

It is important while writing a narrative essay that you follow a chronological order. This is critical because your readers take your paper as a story and you should not leave a gap in it. You have to proceed in your paper without any gaps or lacks so that your readers can clearly understand the point in your writing. In other words, do not break the flow of writing in your paper

If you are not sure how to pick a strong prompt for your narrative writing, then you should consider the following suggestions

  1. A day spent at an old house

  2. The haunted villa in our street

  3. The person I love the most

  4. My pet who got sick

  5. A trip to the hills

  6. What a university looks like


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