A List Of Unique Lord Of The Flies Essay Topics

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is full of deep allegories and symbols, which is why you may come up with lots of unique and interesting essay topics to research. Choose the most appealing ideas, or vice versa, the most conflicting ones; agree or disagree with the author and analyze the issue of your choice. You don’t have to support the author’s point of view if you don’t feel that it is true; represent your position. Who knows? Maybe some of his ideas are correct, but we remain oblivious to them. Let the following list of topic ideas spark your interest and create a deep Lord of the Flies essay:

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  1. Evil as an inherent feature of every human being. Why do critics consider this statement to be the key theme of Lord of the Flies?
  2. Leadership styles of the boys: investigate and compare. Whose style was the most effective? Why?
  3. What does the conch symbolize? How does it influence the boys?
  4. Lord of the Flies as a novel about power. What kind of power is it? How can the power of symbols be used to control people? How do the sow’s head and conch affect the boys’ behaviors?
  5. Rituals as both holistic and destroying forces. Why does Golding imply this controversial statement in his novel? How does he prove this view?
  6. The symbolism of the dead parachutist. In the essay, compare this symbol with the symbolism of the beast and lord of the flies.
  7. Fear as the key emotion that affects our behavior. How is this position supported in the novel? Do you agree with such a statement?
  8. The development of key characters within Lord of the Flies. Investigate the boys’ characters (Ralph, Piggy, and Jack) in your essay. How are they tied to their past lives? Does the author give any signs that some of these characters are more predisposed to savagery?
  9. The goal of becoming a part of the group makes people step over their moral principles and humanity. How does William Golding represent this opinion? Express your point of view in the essay.
  10. All the evils spring from the desire to gain power over other people. How is this statement proven in the book?
  11. No leader can satisfy everybody’s needs. What are the examples in Lord of the Flies that support such an implication?
  12. The loss of identity as one of the key issues in the novel. Analyze this theme in your essay.


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