Argumentative Essay Topics On Violence: 12 Great Prompts

Violence destructs society. It is the result of disharmony among people who must have religious tolerance. For the last few years, there are million cases of violence in the world. There are different colors of violence. Well, when you write dissertation or prompts on violence, you will have to highlight different types of violence with proper data analysis.

Choose Interesting Topics on Violence

After I and II World Wars, people have learnt how to reduce the subversion and destruction to ensure the peace in the world. However, still, man is notable to wipe out violence from the society. Choose the topics covering the types, colors and sources of violence. For instance, the picture of Word Trade Center is obviously a threat to human representatives. This trade center was destructed by a group of militants. The violence is limitless. For revenge, the US force made counter attacks on Iraq and neighboring countries. The devastating gulf war started to annihilate the society of humans. In your topic, you can expose the political imbroglio and tussle to boost up vandalism. On the other hand, at home, the domestic violence exposes the naked brutality of 21st century which must be the period for ultra modern civilization. Men are educated but they forget their duties. They try to encroach to defeat their rivals mercilessly. This barbaric attitude must be prevented. Men must not be brutal with untamed zeal to spread violence. Dissertation writers must be swift with prompt decision making efficiency. They must select some memorable tragic events which are testimonial to domestic violence, child abuse, human exploitation and gender bias. Women at home are not safe as they are exploited by male partners. New laws have been made so far to give safeguards to married housewives. Select the 12 good prompts on the violence to write.

List of 12 Argumentative Essay Topics on Violence

  1. Women emancipation boosts up violence
  2. Political turmoil increases violence
  3. Wrong diplomacy gears up violence
  4. Illiteracy boosts up violence
  5. Internet bullying responsible for violence
  6. Wrong mindsets on civil rights boost up violence
  7. Improper education system accelerates violence
  8. Militancy is the source of violence
  9. Government’s apathy increases violence
  10. Ethnic profiling spreads violence
  11. Cultural pollution boosts up violence
  12. Sex loaded action movies accelerate violence

Your argumentative prompts about violence must project the reasons, sources and easy solutions to tackle severe violence. If people are not harmonized to sing the song of brotherhood and peace, violence will be much more deepened to destruct the whole world.


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