A Manual For Composing A Perfect Cry Freedom Essay

“Cry Freedom” is the title of film based on two books that tell the story of journalist Steve Biko’s struggles in South Africa in the midst of the oppressive apartheid. The subject matter is heavy and tells many details about the darker side of human nature most of us do not enjoy contemplating. To write a good essay in this regard, the following tips are provided.

Read the books

As with any piece of written work that has been adapted for film, it can be tempting to write without reading. In this case, it is best to read the books then watch the movie. This allows you to react to the writings of Steve Biko’s friend, Donald Woods without being overpowered by John Briley’s screenplay or Richard Attenborough’s direction.

Compile good notes

Both during the reading of the books and the watching of the movie, you should be writing things that occur to you with reference to page numbers or timestamps. These will make it easier for you to refer to them again later.

Pick a topic

With such a rich story line there are many different ways to analyse “Cry Freedom”. List the ones that impacted you the most and make your choice on that basis. For good measure, ask the person who will be correcting the essay for a second opinion on your choice.

Create an outline

Once you know your topic you can derive points from it and use these in the creation of a basic essay outline. At this stage it should not contain much detail so don’t be surprised if it occupies less than a page.

Choose the right quotes

Each of your points will need support from the story. This is where your notes come in handy. Look for quotes or examples where the people involved show behaviours that support your assertions.

Fill in the details in between

This part just involves you putting in the connective tissue that makes the essay complete. You would make full sentences out of phrases and add your personal writing style.

Look the finished product over for errors

This stage helps you avoid the tiny errors that tarnish a good essay and stop good writers from achieving their full potential. If you’re running out of time, do as much proofreading and editing as you can up until the last second.

Your essay will ultimately be as good as you are willing to make it.

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