Religion During Times Of Crisis

Religion has always played an important part in people’s lives. Even those who consider themselves to be atheists are affected by society’s religious beliefs to some extent. During times of crisis, religion provides people with the answers and hope that cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, it is always on the rise at the most tumulus periods in human history.

When any kind of crisis occurs, people lose the sense of direction in their lives. With the world crumbling apart due to some outside circumstances, a person needs an anchor to hold onto. Religion acts as this anchor, providing a safe haven and answers to all the existential questions that bother people during these times. One might argue that these are empty answers that do not stand up to logical questioning. However, it is not logical reasoning that people seek when they are distressed. They are looking for hope, which often defies reason by its very nature.

The role of religion in the contemporary world is difficult to define, as the power of its influence varies from one country to another. One should also not forget that there are many religions around, and the principles they are based on are vastly different. Some of them support the ideas of starting wars to ensure world domination for one particular God. Others support ideas of peace and negotiations. Regardless of the confession and location, the role the primary religion of every country plays in its political life is what often defines some of the official reactions to various crises. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is the religious beliefs of the majority of the population that determine the course of local policy.

There are very few governments that admit that their religious leaders really do have such a sway in the stand the country’s stand on various issues. However, this does not change the fact that this is indeed true. If the vast majority of the population follow one particular system of beliefs and morals, it will be impossible for the government to enforce the decisions that go against this system. The only efficient way to do this is to eliminate the religion in question by force. There are some historical examples of this, like the Soviet Union and its almost complete annihilation of the Orthodox Church. However, even at that time, the beliefs had to be replaced by the propaganda of atheism, as even without a defined God, people must have a system of morals and a rallying point. Therefore, the propaganda and indoctrination made them worship the Party and follow its directions like Gospel.


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