Composing A Quality College Argumentative Essay

An argument essay is one of the most common types of writings that students are supposed to write in their academic life. Even though there are of different kinds, all of them usually have the same foundation; the writer is supposed to investigate an issue and incorporate different evidence in a logical way to support his claim.

Many people have experience with engaging in arguments. However, this type of work isn’t exactly the same as a verbal argument. While a verbal arguments can become unreasonable and heated, the aim of an argumentative essay is quite different. This is because in the work, the argument is supposed to be specific, detailed, reason and one that is supported with a wide range of evidence. On top of this, a verbal argument usually focuses on the person who is right on a particular issue. This is unlike the paper which focuses on the side that is right in a certain issue. Here are some of the qualities of a good work.

Has a firm, clear and debatable thesis

This is an important part of the work as the reader will need to understand what the argument is all about and the reason why it is essential. The essay should also offer the right background information to help the reader understand the argument

Use of transitions and organization

Even though transitions can be helpful in any kind of paper, they are usually more important in the argumentative essay. The reason for this is that these types of papers usually involve several evidences and reasons that are supposed to provide support to the thesis. The writer will also need to discuss and even refute the counter arguments. There are various ways in which you can use to organize the work. No matter the order you use to organize it, it is important for you to explain and also support different reasons as to why the argument is valid while showing reasons to refute the opposing argument.

Carry out thorough and effective research

You will find out that many of the papers require you to include research in your essay. If this happens to be the case, you must ensure that you do enough research before you can fully commit to any topic. This can be quite important as you will need to ensure that there are some enough credible sources that you can use in your work. It is not a good idea to commit to one topic and start writing before later discovering that there is no enough information on the topic.


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