Eleven Steps To Creating An Essay Like A Professional

Writing an essay can be intimidating if you have not completed one before. There are many different steps, but if you don’t put it off until the last minute, you can definitely write an excellent essay that shows you knowledge and abilities. If you are feeling unsure of yourself, you can always check out this service. To get you started, though, here are 11 steps that a pro would use to write an essay.

  1. Brainstorm topics: After determining the type of essay required, brainstorm topics. If a topic is not provided, think of ideas that will fit the requirements of the assignment and will also interest you. If the essay is persuasive, decide which side of the issue you support.

  2. Narrow down the scope of your topic: Once you have selected a topic, narrow it down to a manageable size. For instance, “The History of Australia,” is going to be far too general of a topic to handle in an essay. Try something specific like, “The Development of British Penal Colonies in 18th Century Australia.”

  3. Research: This will be one of the most time-consuming parts of your essay. Allow yourself plenty of time for this step. Consult your librarian for resources, and ask for help finding reliable online resources. Organize your research as you go, making sure that you document your sources.
  4. Develop a strong thesis statement: The thesis statement is the point upon which your entire essay hinges. You will work to support this thesis statement throughout the entire essay.

  5. Create an outline of your essay: The outline is very important, because it shows where you may need to do more work to find supporting information, and it helps to organize your thoughts for the writing process.

  6. Craft a working title: This is just a working title to help you maintain focus. It will evolve through the writing process.

  7. Compose your introduction: This is the area where you will incorporate your thesis statement and let your readers know what to expect.

  8. Write the body of your essay: The body is where you will support your thesis statement; each paragraph should introduce and develop a different point.

  9. Compose your conclusion: No new information should be presented here; you should just be restating your thesis and support.

  10. Create your final title: Use the keywords that you have created in the essay to craft a clever, catchy title that will attract your readers. Make sure it is an accurate depiction of what your essay contains.

  11. Edit your essay: Reread your essay to make sure that grammar, spelling, and syntax are all correct. Review the original assignment to make sure that you have fulfilled all requirements, and that you have properly supported your thesis statement. Have a friend or family member read and edit your paper as well.

Writing an essay can be an involved process. If you leave yourself adequate time and plan ahead, though, you can author a well-crafted, entertaining, and informative essay.


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