15 Interesting Report Essay Topics For College Students

When you have the freedom to choose the title, you can make an excellent paper without too much effort. This is because you can choose a topic you are comfortable with, that motivates you and that allows you to write your own opinion on the matter. There are many elements you need to consider, like the structure and the punctuation, but all this can be corrected after you finish writing the primary text. We chose some interesting report essay topics for college students to inspire you:

  1. Your favorite book. This is always a good topic especially if you are reading interesting books that can impress your professor. Make a short resume and mention why you like it and how you identify yourself with the characters from the book.
  2. Alternative education and standard training. There are more and more parents who choose a different type of schooling for their children.
  3. The impact of technology on the new generation. Many teenagers are always using their smartphones or computers, and this can be damaging in the long term.
  4. The legalization of marijuana. This topic started many debates. Many countries legalized marijuana while others only allow its consumption for medical use.
  5. Discrimination. This is a sensitive matter for many people, and you need to analyze this topic very objective.
  6. Cultural differences in a classroom. It is very beneficial for children to have colleagues from different cultures. They will learn to be tolerant and kind.
  7. Death penalty. Even if you agree with it or not, make sure to bring arguments that support both perspectives.
  8. How useful homework is. The new generation of teachers says that a big amount of homework can actually slow down the learning process.
  9. Organ transplant. This topic is very interesting for pupils who take a health or biology course.
  10. The history of religions. The similarities and differences between religions.
  11. Communism and fascism. Political doctrines are always a subject appreciated by the teachers.
  12. Holocaust. Try to inspire yourself from the confessions of ex-prisoners.
  13. The Inquisition. This institution was controlling Europe and making sure that nobody can do anything against the teachings of the church.
  14. The ancient Egypt. Even if you talk about pharaons or the mystery of the pyramids, it is a fascinating subject.
  15. The origins of antibiotics. The modern antibiotics are maybe one of the most important medical discoveries.


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