A List Of Personal Experience Essay Topics For College Students

When it comes time to write a personal essay in college, you may wonder, where do I even begin to pick a topic? Although, there are many different angles and avenues you can explore for this important paper, there are ways to narrow it down. Begin by choosing a theme that is near to your heart or something you are passionate about. Here are some prompts of personal essay topics to help get those creative juices flowing.

Have you ever had the desire to just run away? Discuss the situation and your mindset at the time. Where would you have gone and why?

How much importance do you place on money? Some people can get by nicely on a mediocre income, while others "want it all." Discuss your attitudes towards how money matters or doesn't matter in your life.

What would you do with superpowers? It seems like the whole movie and television industries have gone superhero-crazy, but if you had a great power, what do you believe you would use it for?

Why do you believe you will succeed in life? Some people have great aspirations at one time or another in their life, but fail to achieve them. Why do you think you will be successful?

Have you ever been taught a lesson by a child? Out of the mouth of babes is a popular saying and does have validity. Discuss what a child has taught you and how it made you feel.

Is there a place you always try to avoid? Where is it located and why do you feel the need to stay away?

If you could change a life. Whose life would you want to change and why? Discuss the outcomes of that change and how it would affect both you and the recipient.

What would your dog or cat say if it could talk? Would it be praising you for being a wonderful person, or giving you advice?

What was the greatest discovery? With the world in technological overload, there are many things that have made a vast difference in the lives of humans. Discuss which discovery would top your list.

Have you had a visitor you just can't forget? Who was this person or even animal. What impact did they have on your life?

Writing a personal college essay doesn't have to be stressful or frustrating. Stick to a topic you know and feel you can write in an engaging and meaningful way. Once the words begin to flow, you will have a winning essay paper.


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