Steve Jobs: A Man Who’s Life Changed The World

There are people who have lived lives of quiet obscurity and died with some measure of comfort at a ripe old age. Then there are others who change the world by following their dreams and whose strength of will alone could raise an empire out of nothing. Steve Jobs was one of those and his life has changed those of many around him as well as those he never met.

An early rejection

Steve Jobs’ biological parents were graduate students at the same university at the time when he was born. His paternal grandfather wanted nothing to do with his father and forbade his mother from marrying him. They decided to give him up for adoption shortly after birth and then circumstances changed allowing them to marry and have another child who they raised as a family while Steve was raised by the Jobs family. He never developed a relationship with his birth parents and saw the Jobs’ as his true family in every way.

Interest in technology

His adopted father gave him some of his first lessons in electronics which would come in hand later as he acquired other skills. Teachers often saw him as a precocious troublemaker and he was skipped at least one grade because of his ease with learning. He met some of his first collaborators while still in highschool but he had already shown an interest in science and technology by then. College did not hold his attention in the conventional ways. He often went to classes other than those he was assigned and from his academic adventures was able to piece together a broader understanding that eventually served him well in the creation of his first company, Apple Computers.

Spiritual journey

One of the biggest influences on his success by his own admission was his experimentation with altered states of consciousness. This took the form of meditation, Zen Buddhism and experimentation with LSD. He often credited these with helping him to create. They also played a major role in his ability to adjust to pancreatic cancer, the disease which eventually took his life at the age of 56.

If anything can be taken from this particular life story, it is that the way you start out in life does not have to determine the way you end up. Tenacity can do wonders in reversing bad fortunes.


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