What Is The Main Purpose Of Writing An Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essays are generally thought to have three purposes and any or all of these will be required in any one paper. They are different from argumentative essays in that your are not required to argue any one side or opinion and care must be taken not confuse it with an argumentative or persuasive essay. As with any written paper, it is necessary to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely, and give references and citations where necessary. Here are the main purposes of exploratory essay with explanations:

  1. To bring awareness to a problem or question.
  2. There are many aspects of life, some are common knowledge while others require purposeful exploration or explanation to discover. In an exploratory essay you attempt to outline all the features of this particular problem and give reasons of its relevance. The problem may seem obvious to you, but quite often we are unaware of the effect something may have on our lives. In this example, thorough research and interpretation is required, as well as accurate interpretation and careful presentation of data. Your reader must be convinced or at least understand the need for investigation into this topic after reading you paper.

  3. To investigate all avenues involved in a particular issue
  4. In life many situations and problems exist that are usually complicated and difficult to resolve. Many different people can be affected by one issue and consideration must be paid to the needs of all stake holders. Solutions must be designed to both satisfy the affected parties, and also be affordable and practical in execution. In this example you are not required to choose any particular view, but instead to explore all possible courses of action and the effects of those actions, without showing favor to any particular one.

  5. To voice a personal opinion on a particular matter and give explanation
  6. Some exploratory essays can be based purely on speculation and the personal experience of the author. The author has the option of voicing their views on the subject matter without being required to present proof. If the author does choose to provide evidence or experimental data to support his claims, they should be accompanied by documented measures used to ensure accurate results. This reassures the reader that your data is not falsified and that your methods were sound. It is still your opinion so personal beliefs are also acceptable provided that this is defined as such.


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