Swann’s Way

Swann’s Way is a piece of literature that was originally written by Marcel Proust and translated by Lydia Davis. The book is about childhood and it expresses a young boy’s feelings about his family and neighbourhood. The novel is based on the involuntary memory theme. At its time of publication, it had not gained popularity but later gained popularity after its transition into English. The novel contained large volumes of information and scenes and the editors kept on changing and adding materials before its final publication.

The novel was pronounced was pronounced the most respected novel of the 20th century at the time when its influence was greatly felt in France. At the time, most of the French writers emulated the novel in their works. Swann’s Way was at some instance rejected by a particular publishing company due to its collection of memories and melancholic episodes. But later the Gide was part of the rejection team that turned down its publication deeply regretted his initial decision to turn down the publication of the novel and even sent an official apology to Proust.

The synopsis of Swann’s Way

The novel is based on the narrator’s life as he interacted with his community as he grew up. It is all about the narrator’s social life as he learnt about the art of loving and general interaction with the society. This volume of Swann’s Way is all about the childhood memories that the narrator developed as he grew in his hometown of Combray. In the novel, the narrator develops involuntary memories as he grew up in the town. He recalls how his childhood life in the city was significantly affected by the early hours of bed and the perfect time he had with her family, house-help and friends.

The episodes of Swann’s Way are primarily based on expressing the social life that the narrator was brought up in. In the novel, he narrates about how he first encountered a lesbian scene and this clearly portrays that the society was not restricted to heterosexuality but it was also homosexual. He also recalls a man whose marriage was not based on love but he wished for the best social life for his daughter. This significantly portrays that the parents were socially responsible for their children at the time of his upbringing.

The struggle for publication of Swann’s Way

Before the initial publication of the novel Proust occasionally fell ill and worse still he had a rough time combination the broad array of information, scenes and ideas to come up with a sensible piece of literature. The publication of book saw a setback when auditor Gide turned down its initial publication but later it was eventually published.


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