Creating A Great Formal Essay Using A Free Example

Do you remember the first essay you ever wrote? Did it make you giddy with excitement to type the first few words to hold pen to paper and make the first stroke? Perhaps you were quaking with trepidation and uncertainty. Either way, your first essay was most likely not as well written as the one you wrote most recently. One of the best tips you can take if you want to improve your essay writing abilities is to read other essays. Here are some ways you can really improve your formal essay writing skills through the use of examples:

Be a good mimic

Copying the work of others word for word can get you punished for plagiarism but mimicking their style may earn you praise if you do it well. If your free example essay is exceptionally well written, you would do well to identify the best aspects of that essay and write your own very similarly. Hopefully you will one day have established your own style that evolved out of that greatness and incorporates things unique to you. If not, the worst people can say I that you are an exceptional writer who lacks originality.

Learn what not to do

Some free examples will be written very badly. You will know almost immediately that you cannot follow in those writer’s footsteps. These examples aren’t worthless though. You can use them to practice your proofreading and editing skills. Sometimes seeing someone else’s glaring repeated mistakes makes you a bit more vigilant to your own errors. This can make you a better essay writer and also useful to others in need of critiques.

Constant comparison

If you start to lose sight of your progress or even regression as a formal essay writer, sourcing free samples can help you figure out where you fit in on the spectrum. Sort your examples based on quality and you can decide if your essay has more in common with the best or the worst essays in the pile. This requires you to either be brutally honest with yourself or to have access to an unbiased second opinion. At the end of this exercise you can take a look at the examples that are just slightly better than your own and see how you can adjust your work to bridge the gap in quality.

Keep these in mind and write with gusto.


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