The Secret To Creating A Great 6-Page Argumentative Essay

This paper will give the reader some very good tips on how to write a 6-page argumentative essay. Writing any type of paper will always need the basic steps followed. The secret to writing this style of paper is using a deeper desire to accomplish all that is needed to put out a great piece of work. In an average type of paper there are certain things that need to be done to call it finished. Picking a thesis, doing research, collecting all useable data, organizing your information, write in short, clear sentences, and writing a conclusion that rivals the work done in the paper. Writing this type of paper in a successful way means doing these steps as well.

  1. When deciding on a topic, or thesis remember it has to be a tight, strong point of view, or opinion. The best way to get to this point is to take all your information and narrow it down to the very best choices. Take these choices and see what type of effective information you can get from researching deeper into these topics. It is said to select a thesis that you enjoy. Try to keep an opened mind on the direction to take. You must defend your point of view to the best of your ability. There should be no stone left unturned. Choose the subject that you have the most knowledge in and practice defending your point of view.

  2. Doing the following is one of the things that are going further than any regular style of research. You must research the point of view from the other side of the argument. You must figure out the questions your opponent will ask to shoot your opinion down. Knowing this information ahead of time is a positive. You can practice shooting holes in their attack leaving them off – balanced, and looking frustrated.

  3. Outlining your research – write down all the useful information in the order you find it. This goes for the quotations and dates that you come across. Organizing your work will help with the flow of the paper. Take the 5 best main ideas you can find and use them for the body of your work. Doing this in order will help the transition from paragraph to paragraph blend into a well- organized paper.

  4. Practice defending your opinionated topic. The audience is very well educated and informative. You can count on them having a question and answer period. It may not seem important in the grand scale of the whole experience, but the more prepared the better the response on your work. Get as comfortable with the information and length of the paper. The audience can tell how much time and effort was put into your essay.

  5. Conclusion – the conclusion should have any information that you can give to any writer that may want to further research on that subject. Giving direction on where to go and what to look for will make the extended process easier.

This paper is a more advanced type of paper. It involves more in depth research and practice working with theory. The succession of experimentation can bring a deep emotion of self- satisfaction. Check out this paper for some great information. Remember, someone, somewhere, down the road will pick up where you left off.


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