How To Get Essay Examples If Your Pocket Is Empty

When you need essay examples and you do not have the money to pay for them, you do not have to worry. There are several places to find free essay examples that are actually quite good. It is much easier than you think to find the essays you need, especially when you know where to look. Here are a few suggestions:

Essay writing websites: These websites are usually the places that students go to hire writers. Most students do not know that they can also find free essay examples. The examples range from five-paragraph essays on various topics to lengthy thesis projects to extended dissertations. Since the examples are free to the general public, they should only be used as examples and templates and not as assignments that can be turned in for a grade. Students who try to turn them in will immediately be accused of plagiarism.

Writing Labs: Colleges are moving away from brick-and-mortar writing labs to online versions. By running an online version, they do not have to pay people to work directly with students. The online writing labs are so well constructed that students can find the information and tutorials they need to better understand writing and grammar concepts. The labs not only contain information about writing, but they also contain examples of every type of writing from narrative essays and poetry to full research papers complete with citations and works cited pages. Like the essay writing websites, students should not use any of the examples they find as their actual assignments.

Writing blogs: It is easier than most students think to find essay examples on blogs. Teachers, writers, tutors, and academic groups will post frequently about academic writing. Their blogs should include samples of essays and research papers. If a blogger posted the sample online, you are welcome to use it as a template, just be sure not to turn it in as an assignment.

Instructional websites: Since educational websites have become hot commodities, instructional websites are popping up all over the Web. These sites are often sponsored by nonprofit organizations, so that students can use them for free. You might have to create a username and password, but you should not have to pay anything for using the site. You should be able find samples of essays as well as tutorials that will help you successfully complete your assignment.


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