Positive Reinforcement Through The Criminal Justice System

Reinforcement in the context of human psychology and criminology concerns the procedure and process involved in boosting the behavioral rate of offenders to produce certain desired stimuli and consequences. Positive reinforcement on the other hand connotes an occurrence in the human behavior in which positive stimuli result from change in behavior. My purpose and aim in this essay is to analyze the place of positive enforcement in the criminal justice system.

A criminal justice system is a collective term for the whole processes and institutions that criminal offenders are taken through by law enforcement authorities for the purposes of determining their guilt or innocence. The positive reinforcement of criminal behaviors by offenders can be achieved by the criminal justice system using the concepts of social sciences like human psychology.

Through this, they note, the administrators of law and justice systems may easily understand the drive behind commission of certain offenses such as violent crimes. Moreover, this author argues that one of the most effective ways of improving the criminal justice system in handling crime is through encouraging the use of behavior change mechanisms such as positive reinforcements of antisocial behaviors. By doing this, the writers point out; the criminal justice system can ensure that only wanted values and behaviors are reinforced.

On a similar note, positive reinforcement as an element of human psychology may be designed and incorporated into the criminal justice system through positive rewards to help contain most crimes such as drug-related offenses. According to these writers, positive reinforcement if effectively added into the criminal justice system may go a long way in understanding certain motives behind some crime categories and hence, help stem crime.

The place possibility of achieving positive reinforcement through the criminal justice system has also been noted by Meier. According to this author, positive reinforcement can serve as an alternative to imprisonment. This, he argues, is possible through positive rewards such as community service sentencing and restorative justice. His analysis of the German criminal justice system makes him come to the conclusion that positive reinforcement can be integrated into and realized through the justice system. Consequently, positive reinforcement enhances a given desired and targeted behavior in criminal offenders and can be achieved by the criminal justice system through rewarding those offenders who show positive consequences of the desired behavior. In conclusion, it is apparent that positive reinforcement can successfully be achieved through the criminal justice system and may have significant results in crime prevention and reduction.


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