The 20 Best Hamlet Essay Topics For College Students

At some point, whether during your high school or college career, you are probably going to be subjected to reading Shakespeare’s great, Hamlet . After reading this iconic play, it is also likely that you will have to write a paper or essay on the book. Since this topic has been around for ages, it’s important to remain creative and embrace unique topics for your paper. Listed are 20 different topics you can write about when writing an essay on Hamlet:

  1. Describe Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia: Does he really love her? How was he affected by her death?
  2. How is suicide represented in the play? Suicide is a theme that appears quite often in the play; how did Shakespeare handle it? What perspective does it give the reader on the subject?
  3. How did Shakespeare use comedy to lighten up the play? Focus on the roles of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
  4. Describe Hamlet’s relationship with Gertrude. What themes does Shakespeare employ in their relationship?
  5. How does this play compare to some of Shakespeare’s other works? Draw parallels and similarities in theme and characters.
  6. What functions do Hamlet’s seven soliloquies serve? What do they reveal about his true character?
  7. Does the setting serve any importance to the play? Would it have affected the overall story if the play had not been in Denmark?
  8. How does the play within a play affect the overall message of Hamlet ? Does the meta act make the suffering seem more relatable?
  9. What can be said of the presence of ghosts throughout the play?
  10. Elaborate on the revenge plots crafted by Hamlet.
  11. What purpose do the Gravediggers serve?
  12. What genre would you classify Hamlet ?
  13. What allusions does Shakespeare make throughout the play?
  14. How does Hamlet feel towards women? How does this affect the way the play has been interpreted?
  15. Why did Ophelia commit suicide?
  16. What significance does Yorik’s skull hold in the play?
  17. How do Hamlet and Laertes compare? How do they differ? Is one more just in their actions?
  18. Why is Hamlet seeking revenge?
  19. Analyze Hamlet’s perceived madness – is it real?
  20. Discuss the significance of political status throughout the play.

These are just a few examples of topics for you to write about when writing on Hamlet . The play is composed of several themes and other concepts for you to explore and delve into.


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