How To Come Up With Excellent Position Essay Writing Ideas

Do you need to write a position essay? Are you struggling to come up with the perfect topic? Well, look no further! This great article is full of excellent advice about how to come up with fantastic ideas for the topic of your position essay.

First understand what a position essay actually is

A position essay (also called an opinion essay) is a formal paper in which you are expected to give your opinion about a certain issue. You also need to back it up with relevant facts and examples. With this type of paper, you normally don’t need to do any new research to back up your opinion; you only need to make use of only existing research.

Think about what is meaningful to you

The best way to come up with great topics for your opinion paper is to sit down with a pen and piece of paper, and think about those things that really matter to you. As you think of things, write them down on your paper. Try to think of all the things that inspire you to take action, that make you angry or sad, and any issues that you’re passionate about. All of these issues may make for brilliant topics for you paper, especially because they really matter to you for some reason.

Follow the news

Another fantastic way to come up with topics for your position essay is to keep abreast of the local and global news. Read the newspaper, watch the news on TV, or listen to it on the radio. You’re sure to hear about some issue that will inspire a strong opinion in you. You can keep a list of these issues, too.

A few examples of topics

In addition to teaching you how to come up with your own ideas for your opinion paper, we’ve also come up with a few examples of common topics to get you thinking of your very own topics:

  1. The fur trade
  2. Performance enhancing drugs in sport
  3. Violence in the media
  4. Abortion
  5. The death penalty
  6. Euthanasia
  7. The war on terror
  8. Legalising cannabis
  9. The vote for convicted criminals
  10. Vegetarianism
  11. Remuneration of professional athletes or celebrities
  12. Animal testing
  13. Climate change
  14. The legal drinking age
  15. Social media

With all that brilliant advice, you should be able to come up with so really wonderful ideas for your position essay, and go on to write an amazing paper!


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