The top 50 interesting academic essay topics to consider

In this article, you may find a list of 50 interesting academic essay topics to consider for your thesis, dissertation or assignment…

  1. The invisible hand of the market: How Adam Smith got it right
  2. The division of labor: From the person who makes the tip of pins to the carpenter to hammers it to the blacksmith who made the hammer
  3. The origin of the monetary system
  4. Free Trade and Open Markets
  5. Laissez Faire Law
  6. Labor Wages and Labor Wages’ Differentials
  7. Consumer Price Index: The market basket share of the buyers
  8. Wholesale Price Index: The market basket share of the sellers
  9. Human Development Index: A composite and actual development indicator?
  10. Gross Domestic Product
  11. Actual Gross Domestic Product
  12. Nominal Gross Domestic Product
  13. Cash to Reserve Ratio
  14. Repo Rate
  15. Quantitative Easing
  16. Qualitative Easing
  17. Credit Easing
  18. Supply Sided Economic Policy
  19. Demand Sided Economic Policy
  20. Classical Economics
  21. Neo Classical Economics
  22. Keynesian Economics
  23. New Keynesian Economics
  24. Censorship: Censorship in India
  25. National Security: How it has changed our society
  26. War on Terror: What’s different now after more than a decade?
  27. Unpersons: George Orwell took inspiration from the ancient greeks
  28. Thought Terminating Clichés
  29. Propaganda: How World War 1 led to the personification of the United States of America
  30. Freedom of Press
  31. Freedom of Speech
  32. Right to Information
  33. Copyright and Trademark Laws
  34. The Separation of the Church and The State
  35. The Roman Catholic Church
  36. The Spanish Inquisitions
  37. Queen Elizabeth I: How the virgin queen redefined the gender paradigms
  38. King James: He who had the bible written
  39. Joan of Arc: The true Iron lady, and the truth behind her legend
  40. King Louis XIV: The most successful, pithy, and tactful king france has ever known
  41. Napoleon Bonaparte: The mistake at the battle of waterloo
  42. Maxmillien Robespierre: His role in the French revolution
  43. The Cult of the supreme being
  44. The pyramids of Giza
  45. The ancient Egyptian gods
  46. The ancient Greek gods
  47. The truth behind the legend of the sphinx
  48. How Moses Freed the Slaves, and the quandary of Jerusalem
  49. The truth behind the story of Noah and his Arc
  50. God, and his infinite wisdom


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