Is Facebook Making Us Stupid?

What the Internet brought us was the opportunity to communicate across cultures in front of our computer. On sites such as Facebook, people coming from all over the world can discuss about a topic not only with some other people in their area, but also with people affected by the topic at hand. If previously, it was impossible to see photos of a war or storm, nowadays people from the affected area can put their own pictures up on Facebook and share them with all the rest of the world. Cultural experiences might be a part of our education. Facebook does not make us stupid. How could something that makes our experience be shared to everyone make us stupid? This happens only if, a person on Facebook just uses the Internet to goof off; in such a case, it could be argued that the already mentioned person would be goofing off without taking into account that the Internet was available to them in order to share experiences. We must also admit that the Internet is a treasure of both communication and sharing experiences. We are thus able to have real time conversations and experiences across the entire world with billions of people at the same time, getting points of view which had been impossible.

For people from the older generation, Facebook and the Internet might be too vast to handle properly. Facebook might not be able to handle by our parents who are having a hard time dealing with so much information available. For people from the millennial generation and even younger, the Internet has always been there, so easy to use it. Our brains should not change for the internet to be accessed, we have been developing with it. As such, it might be the case nowadays that the younger generation is and will be better capable of accessing the Internet properly. We will not get lost in so many hyperlinks while we wander from subject to subject. From my personal experience, I was always able to find out the information that I need and use it as I find it properly. According to the general opinion, the internet will not allow the ‘intellectual vibrations’ that the printed word did in the remote past. It will always be a matter of focus and not lose our head. All in all, it is about using the Internet in a responsible way without becoming overwhelmed.


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