A List Of Essay Topics On Racism: 10 Great Ideas To Explore

It is sad to note that Racism has come across as a thoroughly debatable subject. It is not only races and the skin color. It is also about cultural beliefs with which certain races are identified. Every person of a race gets colored with the same brush. This is not only an International calamity; even people of a certain state have a fixed opinion about people living in a different state.

Stemming the rot

Racism essays have always tried to stem the rot and bring to surface the disdainful attitudes of the world in general. Students get to know what is ailing the society and understand the complexities and unfairness of it all. Since this is a sensitive issue, handling of the topic has to be delicate.

Here is a list of 10 racism essay topics you will love to explore –

  1. Assessing the general belief that Africans have great faith in voodoo and fetish? – Africans are often thought as backward and believers in occult practices. An essay on the topic would be illuminating.
  2. Portrayal of black characters in Hollywood movies – Creating stereotypical accents – There have been many Racism movies which actually depict how black characters are shown doing particular habits and talking in wrong English grammar.
  3. Why are most unknown Muslims treated like terrorists when they first arrive in US? – 9/11 has been phenomenally responsible for this mindset.
  4. The seed of racism is sown in middle schools – Discuss – Racism seeds are inadvertently and sometimes, even intentionally sown in the minds of kids at a pretty early age.
  5. The impact of a general vision of indentured laborers on global mindset – We generally assume Indo-Jamaicans and other mix-culture fellows as progenies of indentured laborers. An essay on this topic would be welcome.
  6. The terrors of Racism – How it makes us less humane – When we all have descended from a common father and mother, how can we think of others in a different light.
  7. Barrack Obama – A staunch example of anti-racism – The first Black American President is a beacon for the ailment that is Racism.
  8. Why Indians are always illustrated in Western books as grub-loving, unhygienic and parochial? – Write an essay on how Indians are stereotyped in the way they live, behave and talk.
  9. Assessing Racism through two movies – Schindler’s List and Crash – These are two wonderful movies with clear connotation on racism. An essay would sneak through the layers.
  10. Dubai – a place where cultures meet and Racism is almost nonexistent – Dubai is not only a filthy rich place; it is also cosmopolitan. It shows the world the way to go.


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