Why We Watch Horror

Some people love to watch horror. Some cannot even sleep before they have watched a movie of this genre. There are many reasons why they love horror. The reasons are different for different people. There are however the effects of watching horror. Some people find horror interesting and fun to watch. Others would not dare watch movies or even clips of this genre. One of the reasons why people enjoy watching horror is the story. The story in most of the horror films is interesting. The suspense in the stories make views want to watch even more of the horror films. The directing of these horror films is also of high standards. The directors of such films are careful to choose the best techniques used by the actors in making the horror films interesting. The acting in the films is also liked by most viewers. The courage depicted by some of the characters in these stories impress most of the viewers. Other people enjoy watching horror because of the thrill in the movies and films. The music that is included in the films and horror movies also motivates some views to keep watching the movies. All these features of horror make such films or movies interesting for those who love watching the genre horror.

Effects of Watching Horror

Desensitization is a major effect of watching horror movies and films. As a result of too much horror watching one is not easy to scare. One can easily deal with some fears and phobias. This is viewed as being positive. However the effects of horror watching could be dangerous. Children allowed to watch horror may become scared of life. They may also develop phobias. Phobias that may be developed include of injection, animals and blood. The child may suffer these effects in adult life. Anxiety is also another negative effect of horror watching. Anxiety can also affect children negatively. These effects are true for both adults and children. Anyone watching horror may be affected by them. Mental trauma may also be developed as a result of watching scaring events in the horror films and movies. Fear is also likely to develop. Sleeplessness at night is also a major problem.

Avoiding Negative Effects of Horror Watching

It is always advisable to prevent children from watching horror movies or films. Watching horror films alone is not advisable. One should watch with others. Destructing oneself for example with some music or texting is also important. Always remember that it is just a movie.


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