Stop Global Warming

Global Warming is the gradual rise in the Earth’s temperature due to the increased production of greenhouses gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Many scientists predict that this can have a disastrous effect on the Earth. The discussion of global warming and how to stop it has been an integral part of world politics the past few decades.

How Greenhouse Gases Are Formed

Greenhouse gases are naturally occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere, and they are needed to keep the Earth at the right temperature for human and animal life to survive.

However it is the production of extra greenhouse gases that is detrimental. These extra greenhouse gases are produced through activities that omit these gases such as:

These gases allow more of the sun’s rays to enter the atmosphere, trapping the heat and keeping it in the atmosphere leading to the rise of the Earth’s temperature.

Prevention of Greenhouse Gases

Many measures have been taken by countries around the world to prevent the formation of greenhouse gases and to slow down global warming. Technology has also been developed that counters global warming.

The main contributor to global warming is the carbon dioxide released when fuels such as oil and coal, referred to as fossil fuels, are burned for energy. For this reason, renewable energy sources have been developed which are sustainable and are environmentally friendly. Such sources include solar power, wind power, tidal power and wave power.

These sources of power do not omit greenhouse gases and are renewable, which coal and gas are not. However the main downside to them is that they cost far more than coal and oil and there are unsightly.

Electric vehicles are another way to prevent global warming. Since cars omit greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide but also nitrous oxide and methane, electric cars are an excellent alternative, which does not harm the environment, however there are many disadvantages to electric cars. The main disadvantage is that you have to constantly charge your car, and most of the cars can only drive 50-100 miles before needing a charge. This is a hassle and means you cannot make long journeys as one recharge takes 5-6 hours.

Although there are many alternatives to make the world less reliant on natural resources that produce greenhouse gases, there are much advancement still to be made until they can become proper replacements for oil and coal without causing huge inconveniences.


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