Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Write An Essay In 2 Hours

Many students would like to know how to compose a winning essay in about 2 hours and without much pain. It seems unreal to cope with such a task so quickly, yet, it’s possible if you know several tips and follow a precise plan.

  1. Tune your mind and remove distracting things.
  2. You need to start with a clear understanding of the fact that the sooner you get down to it, the sooner you will cope with it. If you get concentrated and remove everything that can distract your attention, you will definitely cope in a couple of hours.

  3. Understand the topic.
  4. Read it once again and make sure that you understand clearly what is required from you. If you have questions, don’t hesitate and turn to your teacher immediately.

  5. Compose a draft outline.
  6. Put down your main ideas. Some students are sure that it’s a waste of time but in reality it’s a very helpful step. If you don’t put them down, you will waste a lot of time, trying to remember them while writing.

  7. Think over a powerful intro.
  8. Though professionals often recommend leaving the intro and conclusions for later, you can try starting with the introduction. It’s possible that voicing out the thesis statement at the very beginning, you will receive some more inspiration. Remember that the intro should not be very long.

  9. Use the outline effectively.
  10. After each paragraph is complete, cross out the matching point from the outline.

  11. Compose the conclusion.
  12. The concluding paragraph is as important as the introduction. Try not to repeat yourself, even though the main idea of the introduction should be visible in the conclusion, too.

  13. Double-check the text you have written.
  14. Check the text on your own and then ask somebody to re-check it again. It does not matter how great your research is, you will not win anything if there are many grammar mistakes in the text.

  15. Use manuals and reference books.
  16. All the academic papers are written in accordance to certain style requirements. If you don’t know these requirements by heart, use manuals on this style to save time. As well, you can use a previously found sample of an essay.

  17. Use ready ideas.
  18. In case you are very short of time or if you have run out of ideas, you can try using collections of essays that are available on the Internet. Such a collection can be a great source of ideas.


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