Academic Writing Lessons: Why It Is So Important To Pay Attention To Essay Topic Selection

Every time you look for instructions on the essay writing or any academic assignment writing, you will see that the expert will ask you to read the topic carefully before you proceed. Most of the times, experts suggest that you read the topic more than a few times before you start writing your paper. This helps you develop a good understanding of your subject, and what need to do in the paper. Sometimes the answer lies in the question itself. If you read the essay prompt or the topic a several times, you will see that the question points you to a certain direction and gives you a hint to attempt the paper. It is also important to break down your topic into different parts so that you can easily focus on what is important. The question word or the action word in the topic helps you identify if you are to discuss something, explain it to the readers, argue on the subject or analyze the existing material. If you read the topic, several times you will be able to create a better paper and address your topic properly.

However, this is rarely the case. When a student receives a paper, he is in a rush to complete it before the time runs out. The student does not have enough time to spend on the topic and understand it. They try to attempt the paper without thinking about the topic for long. Even if they read expert instructions before attempting the paper, they are under exam stress and pressure and tend to forget about all the instructions.

The teachers also give special instructions to the students to read the paper several times before they attempt any question. They also, advise students to revise everything in their paper, before they submit it to the examiner. Despite of all the instructions and advice, students tend to avoid spending time on understanding the question. This is not an ideal practice to adopt. If students attempt their paper without understanding, the question properly they might fail to address important parts of the question. The question might define the type of the paper and the students overlook it. This will lead to losing potential marks in the paper.

Even though students should pay heed to the topic but disappointingly, that is rarely the case.


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