20 Good Topics For An Argumentative Essay About Abortion

Are you trying to complete an essay about abortion, but are having a hard time to get it right? Just make sure that you select a good quality topic and the rest will fall into place. You might even enjoy the project a lot when the right title is selected. So with that in mind here are the top 20 titles that you can select for your argumentative essay about abortion:

  1. What are the main things a person needs to know before going for an abortion?

  2. At what times is an abortion a bad idea?

  3. What should teenagers be taught about abortion in school?

  4. Over the last 10 years have any meaningful steps been taken in the study of abortion?

  5. Is it morally justified to have an abortion?

  6. At what stage in the pregnancy is having an abortion a bad idea?

  7. What does religion have to say about the topic of abortion?

  8. Give an account of a popular abortion case

  9. What kind of support must a person undergoing an abortion receive?

  10. Should abortions be funded by the government?

  11. What steps can be taken by the government to reduce the number of people having to have abortions?

  12. Is the abortion a safe procedure?

  13. What type of complications can arise when a person decided to have an abortion?

  14. What are the main differences between a young woman and an older woman having an abortion?

  15. How can the doctors that practice abortion allow their parties to feel more relaxed during the procedure?

  16. What type of safety measures must be taken during an abortion?

  17. Should an abortion be a discreet procedure?

  18. At what stage in the pregnancy should an abortion no longer be denied?

  19. Is an abortion a morally wrong procedure?

  20. Does religion forbid abortions form taking place?

The range of titles suggested above are a great starting point for you. Carefully go through the list and consider all of the titles. You should be able to find one that matches both your interests and your skill level. Just make sure that you understand the title well before you proceed with starting the project and you’ll be fine.


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